In 1973 a small company found a home in a small Italian town known as Montebelluna in the province of Treviso. Driven by the passion of sport, Lotto focused on creating the best tennis footwear. Throughout the first couple years, the company grew in popularity and quickly adapted to create footwear for basketball, volleyball, track and field, and soccer.

Steadily growing and following that passion, Lotto expanded into women’s, men’s, and Junior apparel. Being in the forefront of the tennis footwear technology, Lotto stood out from the rest of the competition. They achieved this through innovative ideas and execution in their sportswear. Lotto is now well known for their sportswear both on and off the court.



A dynamic sole built with a concave form, maximum cushioning of the impact during the match. Stability when planting the foot, along with reactivity during explosive movements.


A rubber insert and the TPU plate that keeps the foot on a neutral plane through the heel-to-forefoot transfer. Along with providing cushioning and a uniform impact distribution.


Shock absorption system in a multi-density elastic based material. This material disperses negative forces of impact and returns the accumulated energy to the athlete.


Like the Enerturn the reactive gel absorbs impact force throughout the mid-sole and allocates that energy back to the athletes, and their style of play.


Foot Arch Support is a stabilizer which ensures support with those who need the support in their arches.


Double density eva insert located in the medial area of the mid-sole, providing sturdy support when needed,


An exclusive lacing system that holds the laces firmly without slipping or loosening knots.


A technical solution that improves foot stability and protection over the toe, extending the shoes life.


Dry out tech is a grid system designed with breathable holes which are positioned on the upper sole to ensure complete breathability.


A special mix of rubber with high abrasion resistance. the rubber located on the forefoot gives the running line enhanced performance while on the go.


An option to have two insoles of different thicknesses to ensure the best comfort while on the court.


Made of polyurethane foam made the proprietary technology Ortholite.

  • extremely durable cushioning

  • high breathability

  • sweat wicking capabilities thanks to the open cell internal structure of the orthotics.


A technical device that allows the foot to flex properly and offer an amazing elastic return.


Heel control is a feature of the upper to ensure the proper heel support allowing the person to feel stable while on the move.


Constructed in the upper sole of the shoe, that allows the proper support for the foot during sideways and dynamic movements.


Keeping performance and comfort in the forefront of all apparel designs, the clothing has been created to wick sweat and maintain integrity while on and off the court.


The perfect accompaniment to the apparel, the selection of accessories benefits the athlete from head to toe; offering bandannas, wrist bands, and socks.

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